Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a little Teacher Crush

It's true. I have a crush on my history teacher. But before you judge me, just hear me out. My teacher is not your typical chubby and bald teacher who looks to be a child molester. Oh no sir. My history teacher is absolutely far from it! This man is tall, tan, and HANDSOME. I am not exaggerating when I say that every girl in my class is head over heels for him. Apparently we are not the only ones. The girls who had him last year and the girls who had him 2 years ago and 3 years ago and so on and so on, were also under his love spell. But get this. He is 51 years old. Yes 51! Now, you may be thinking that we are all a bunch of sick little high school girls who are obsessed with old men. But trust me, on my first day in his class, I honestly thought he was barely in his thirties. When he eventually did reveal his age to us, everyone was in disbelief. That's just how young he truly looks! And not to mention, he gets more and more gorgeous with each passing day. He simply ages like wine. But the best part about him is his personality. He is just so funny and so animated. You can always find him cracking jokes and jumping from one side of the room to the other. I can go on and on about my little teacher crush, but you probably wouldn't read on. So I'll end it with a simple question. Do you have an odd crush on someone?


  1. I used to like Nerds :D
    but now I'm obsessed with hockey players.

    Btw, your blog is really interesting :)


  2. I used to like Nerds too. LOL.

  3. I've had a teacher crush too 8)

    and thats funny LOL ages like wine...

    But yeah, I had a crush on my history teacher, who was exactly like that! Jokes around, VERY funny, very cute! Super hot (in my eyes anyways), and he's yoooung


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