Saturday, July 16, 2011

Oh, it is love

I could hear hundreds or quite possibly thousands of feet scuffling all around us, but all I saw were his big brown eyes that made the butterflies in my stomach dance. We stood together in silence, both of us too afraid to utter a single word. Neither of us daring to take the risk because one sound, one syllable, one word might steal the moment away. The loud rustling of the leaves above us indicated that the wind was violently passing through, but all I felt was the warmth of his embrace that made me feel complete. It was a feeling I had longed and searched for, and finally I found it in his arms. The corners of his mouth rose, forming a smile. I wanted to run my finger across it. I wanted to trace every line and every curve of his lips. But before I knew it, he was leaning in for a kiss. And as our lips met, every fiber of my being knew that this was love. And as I opened my eyes, I realized it was just a dream.


  1. beautiful jesayaka! love your writing style
    P.S the pics on your sidebar r cute:)

  2. It sounds so sweet and loving! too bad it was a dream :( :)

  3. Awww, i was really happy for you and smiling and then I got to the end and was like, oh :(
    i have a new blog btw, new blog, new start and all! :) xx

  4. Frigging amazing post darling : O.
    & Gosh I'm your 48th follower here : D
    Love your blog & I'ts like were opposites.
    I'm a Cali girl, but Canadian at heart x P

  5. hi jesayka i have an award for you:) accept it please

  6. thank you guys so much for all your lovely comments. <3

  7. heeyy, where are you girl? I miss your posts :( :)


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