Sunday, April 24, 2011

Girl pretends to be pregnant

So on the news, there was this strait A student who pretended to be pregnant for 6 months. Everyone, including her teachers, friends, and siblings, believed that she was pregnant, but her mother and her boyfriend knew the truth. After 6 months, she decided it was time to reveal that her fake pregnancy was an experiment that she conducted to see how everyone would react. She says that when her friends and fellow classmates thought she was pregnant, they all had negative things to say like, "You ruined your life," or "You're so stupid for getting pregnant."
Some of her friends even stopped hanging out with her - I think. But after seeing the footage about her in the news, I was completely and utterly confused. I just don't get what message she was trying to send. Well, I thought she was complaining and trying to expose the teenagers' unsympathetic comments towards her being pregnant, but shouldn't that be what we want? Shouldn't we want teenagers to view teenage pregnancy as a negative thing and something to avoid?


  1. I think she was trying how mean people can be and how fast they change. I think she should of put in her research more about the negativity of being a teen a being pregbant. But I'm thinking that's what she was doing. I may be wrong but that's what I'm thinking.

  2. Well that is true, but if that was the only basis of her experiment, I don't think she needed to be pregnant. But I could be wrong as well. >.<


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