Friday, April 29, 2011

The best book ever written !!

Forget about every book you thought you ever liked, because after reading Hunger Games you won't care to think about any other book! When I first read it, I could not stop. I turned page after page until I realized it was already midnight and I was still reading! I had school the next day so I had to go to bed, but I didn't want to put the book down. It's got action, romance, suspense, and everything else you've always wanted in a book. Girls, boys, moms, and even dads all enjoy this book. My 45 year old math teacher also loves the book, so much so that he read all three books in the trilogy. If you haven't read it, here's a little scoop on what it's about:

Katniss Everdeen is the main character (trust me, she's so much better than Bella from Twilight). She's only a teenager, but she's a tough and talented hunter who puts food on her family's table. Her father is dead and she lives with her mother and sister Prim in District 12 in the country of Panem. Every year the Capitol of Panem hosts an event called the Hunger Games where two "tributes" – a boy and a girl – are drafted from each of the twelve districts to be brought to an arena and fight to the death. Only one person can win. This is to remind the country not to rebel – and for entertainment, of course. This year, unfortunately, Katniss's little sister is selected for the Hunger Games, so Katniss volunteers to take her place. Her experience in the Hunger Games is something you do not want to miss. So please go read it - NOW! You can thank me later <3

By the way, the movie is coming next year! I can't wait!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

School Food !!

Have you noticed in movies or shows how they always depict school food as the worst and most inedible food in this planet? Well, unfortunately, they are NOT exaggerating. Some of my friends go hungry on a daily basis simply because the school food is horrible beyond words. And we're not just being picky either. 99% of the food we eat (coffee cake, pizza, french fries, burgers, mac and cheese, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are frozen and are heated just a few minutes before lunch time. The one thing that really drives me crazy is the same thing that drove me to write this post. It is the mystery meat that they like to serve us. I am not lying when I say that weekly they serve us this "meat" that looks, tastes, and smells like SPONGE and they just pour some nasty brown sauce all over it. People are always complaining about childhood obesity, but we wouldn't be so obese if they would just serve us some decent food for once. Just looking at the school food makes us want to run to the nearest McDonalds.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Never been kissed...

Does he notice me?
Does he hear my heart screaming his name?
Sometimes it's so loud
I think the Gods can hear my pain

Monday, April 25, 2011

What a day!

Spring break officially ended and I had to go to school today -what a bummer. =/ Anyways, I woke up 6 hours earlier than I did during the break, and I was practically sleepwalking my way to school. My classes seemed endless, making it more unbearable than usual. I yearned to be back home lounging on my sofa and watching marathons of America's Next Top Model. Lol. But all my suffering in school doesn't seem to matter anymore because my two favorite people in this world came to visit : my sister and my cute 11 month old nephew. He's the love of my life and his adorable toothless smile is very contagious.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

So it's Easter Sunday and I am feeling very guilty. My parents are at work, and I am all alone, but my mom strictly told me to go to church today. She is very religious and usually makes the whole family go to church every weekend. I personally do not like going to church for the following reasons: I do not understand what the pastor is saying because he has the thickest accent known to mankind and because his sermons seriously do not make sense. I also don't like church because I believe that the people who go there are just there to say they go to church and not because they actually want to. I observe them in church and most of them don't even listen to the sermons and some are asleep or texting. Anyways, I didn't go to church today and I feel really horrible. I feel like I've let Jesus down or something, but at the same time, I don't like being at a certain place that I don't like for a whole hour. Am I wrong for not going to church?

Girl pretends to be pregnant

So on the news, there was this strait A student who pretended to be pregnant for 6 months. Everyone, including her teachers, friends, and siblings, believed that she was pregnant, but her mother and her boyfriend knew the truth. After 6 months, she decided it was time to reveal that her fake pregnancy was an experiment that she conducted to see how everyone would react. She says that when her friends and fellow classmates thought she was pregnant, they all had negative things to say like, "You ruined your life," or "You're so stupid for getting pregnant."

5 Random Things About Me:

1. I can't sleep without a blanket. It just feels weird and I feel almost naked without it.

2. I love putting fries on my burger. It just makes the burger taste extra special. (:

3. I absolutely hate it when people don't know the difference between YOU'RE and YOUR. I apologize if you do that and if I have offended you, but it's my absolute biggest pet peeve.

4. I only like to watch romantic movies or scary movies.

5. I broke up with a guy because I didn't want to kiss him. Lol. It's true. >.<

So tell me 5 Random Things About YOU <3

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A letter I will never send...

Dear Angeli,

It's been 5 years since we've last talked, but it feels like it's been an etrnity. An eternity without hearing your laugh or your voice. An eternity without feeling your embrace or seeing your sweet smile. We used to do everything together and we would spend the whole day just hanging out at each others houses, which was easy because we lived right next door to each other. People thought we were best friends, but you would always correct them and say we were "soul sisters."
 Do you remember how we used to love eating macaroni and cheese while watching movies all day? And how we never really finished a single movie because we had too much fun just pausing it and laughing at the funny faces the actors made?
Do you remember how we would just sit in the living room and laugh for hours uncontrollably for no reason at all?

The top 5 most gorgeous guys...

Number 5: Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a very talented chef from "down under" and, needless to say, he is very easy on the eyes. His career in the television industry started when he starred in TLC's tv show "Take Home Chef." He would go to a normal grocery store somewhere and surprise some unsuspecting shopper with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take him to her home and have him cook for her husband or boyfriend. The twist is that the boyfriend/husband doesn't know that he's coming home to a tall, muscular, and handsome chef who just spent the entire day with his girl, and now he has to eat Curtis's wonderful creations in front of millions of viewers. But I don't care about all that. His blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and adorable Australian accent is what landed him on my list. <3

Number 4: Leonardo Dicaprio
I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in my absolute favorite movie : Titanic. There's just something about him that always leaves me weak in the knees and begging for more after I watch one of his movies. The best part about him is not just his gorgeous looks, but his amazing ability to take on any roll and make it so believable. I especially liked him in Romeo in Juliet. He's truly one of a kind and I can just sit for hours just watching him on the TV screen. He's more addicting than chocolate fondue. Lol.

Number 3: Jensen Ackles

He plays a character named Dean in the show Supernatural, which I am in love with. Yeah I like all the demon hunting and all the ghost fighting, but that's not what keeps me coming back to watch every episode. I keep watching because of Jensen Ackles and his cute little smirk that is to die for. He also has a deep and manly voice that drives me wild and he has a body that leaves me speechless.

Number 2: Channing Tatum

This guy is just gorgeous from head to toe. His face is flawless, and most importantly, his body is mouthwatering. He was so cute in She's the Man alongside with Amanda Bynes and after watching it, I knew right away I wanted to marry him. Lol. He's the kind of guy who will steal any girl's hearts whether she's 15 or 50. He was especially cute in Dear John because it showed him in a new light: sweet and sensitive instead of just a guy with a hot body.

Number 1: James Franco

Wow. Where do I begin? James Franco is so gorgeous in so many ways. First of all, I just think he's so talented. He was absolutely amazing in Milk and I don't know anyone who could've played his role any better than him. But the first time I ever saw him was in Spiderman, and I didn't even care about Peter Parker. All I cared about was Harry aka James Franco. Who wouldn't? He has the cutest smile that can end wars and cure cancer. It's also amazing how he can look like the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, and at the same time he looks like a bad boy your mother warns you about. The fact that he's not so buff is what makes him even more desirable. He looks just like a regular guy - but the most gorgeous guy ever - in my opinion, anyway.