Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I wish my lawn was emo so it could cut itself...

It's kind've embarrassing to admit, but back in the summer after 5th grade, and well into 6th and some of 7th grade, I had the biggest emo phase. I indulged in rock songs every second of every day and had posters of my favorite bands plastered all over my walls. My Chemical Romance was and still is my favorite band. I had their picture all over my binders and folders and my backpack. I even begged my sister to buy me all their T-shirts from Hot Topic for Christmas, even though the only shirts they had were for guys. I was just a complete and utter obsessed fool. I wore nothing but black and I got myself the typical emo haircut: side bangs (that practically covered my whole left eye) and layers - don't forget the layers. It was a dramatic change from my usual hair in a pony tail look that I had all throughout elementary school. I even thought about havig purple highlights, but my parents refused to let me have any. Lol. Perhaps the funniest part is that I actually longed to be the lead singer of my own rock band. I've always loved to sing, and the thought of being the lead singer of a glamorous rock bad for a living made the most perfect sense. It's been about 4 years since then, and I no longer enjoy wearing all black every day, nor do I long to have purple highlights in my hair. But I never did outgrow my dreams of someday becoming a rock star. But I'm old enough to know that the possibility of that happening is very slim. But hey, a girl can dream right? =P But till then, I'll just have to carry on with my plans of being a doctor. -sigh-

Oh and Baiba! Thanks for wondering about me! You're so sweet! <3 My internet was down. I was so lost without it, but finally it's up and running ^_^.


  1. Glad you're back! :)

    I think every one of us has had those emo days ;D lol. I had them too.

    btw, what you wrote on my blog - what your friend did was terrible... I hope she apologized. but if not, I hope one day she'll grow up, realize how stupid it was and then apologize. Cause it's so not ok for friends to do that...

  2. Thanks! <3

    and no, she didn't apologize. but oh well, at least now I know who she really is. :/

  3. Wow, I know what you mean by always wanting to wear black, I was almost the same way!

    And being a doctor sounds cool, good luck!<3

  4. I was also into that phase until I actually looked in the mirror and was like "woah" :/. Didn't work for me much. I changed my image completely after that.

  5. G O D. iHad an emo phase too.
    iEven still have pictures of it, it was bad.
    : D But now I'm all good and iLaugh at it.
    Dream On though ~ ! !
    Never give on them.

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