Sunday, May 1, 2011

When friends become strangers...

In my life, I have had the most amazing people that I was lucky enough to call my best friends, while some don't even have one. Unfortunately, life happens and my friends came and went, time and time again. It's not easy to find that special someone, whom you can really connect with in a deep level. A person whom you can share all your secrets with and laugh all night with. A person whom you can somehow communicate with, without saying a single word. A person whom you know, without a doubt, is fated to be your friend. But I was lucky enough to have found five in my whole lifetime (which is relatively short of course, seeing as though I'm only 17). But every time I found one, sooner or later they were gone. Either they moved away, went to a different school, or we just had nothing left in common.

It's so heartbreaking to lose a friend. And it's so mind bottling how at one point we're soul mates, and then all of sudden we see each other in the halls and can't even mutter a simple "hello." For instance, I had a best friend all throughout elementary school and the summer just before 6th grade. But when 6th grade came along, we just stopped talking. Neither of us knows how, but it just happened and whenever we see each other, we can't even look at each other in the eyes and just ignore each other.

And next year I'm going to be a senior, and before long, I'm going to be graduating. And I worry because right now, I have an amazing friend, but I know we are going to go our separate ways eventually. And I don't want her to be just another person I lost in touch with and can no longer hold a simple conversation with. Does anyone else understand what I'm going through?


  1. I get exactly what you mean. I feel the same way all the time, I may be switching school over the summer because I want to, but I almost don't want to because I'm afraid I wont see my old friends as much.

  2. I want to switch as well, but I also don't want to leave my friends either.

  3. yep...i understand.
    friendship is the greatest boon...and losing a good friend is unimaginable...
    and one day we should part as life moves on...
    but i think even if friends are miles away, if the friendship is true,nothing will happen to the dont worry:)

  4. hey jesayka!!!jus joined ur blog cos u ryt bout life jus lyk me....its true i to had a few best friends but now we hav all moved on..guess its not worth it to break your heart over.

  5. I know how you feel. I've been to over 20 different schools and I'm a Senior in High School right now. So just think thats moving about 2 times each school year and it sucks. It makes making friends difficult but it also helps you to figure out who your real friends are. Even though I've moved so much I still have friends from pre-k and those 2 girls even though we don't see each other much are still the best of friends. Everytime we see each other we just pick up right where we left off, fill each other in on what we've missed out in each others lifes and then just enjoy hanging out while we can. Lossing friends is hard but making everlasting friends that you know will be there for you forever is amazing (:

  6. wow. i would absolutely hate going to 20 different schools. but you are very lucky you actually found ever lasting friends. (:

  7. I totally understand. It SUCKS but I guess that's just how things are, you know? People change so it makes sense that you fall in and out of friendships. Not everyone can have a Gayle King.


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