Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Binge!

Around 4 days ago, my mom and her friend went cherry picking. A bus picked them and many others up in front of a random church and off they went in their merry way to a farm. After a few hours, my mom came back with a big box full of cherries. It's all I ate for the past few days. It's very addicting! And every bite reminded me of my best friend Alexa back in California who is absolutely in love with cherries. One time in English class, I just saw her randomly snacking on some cherries hidden in the front pocket of her backpack (we sat next to each other) and when she offered me some, I couldn't refuse. So the whole time in class we just ate cherries and ignored whatever our very annoying teacher was lecturing about. Lol. Good times. <3


  1. ahh, I love cherries too.

    and LOL, I remember one time me and my friend were eating those little cherry tomatoes in class, and I don't even remember which class it was... :D didn't pay any attention.

  2. I LOVE cherries!
    One time when I was visiting my nan, thats all we would eat! They are SO good in summer - well in Australia anyways :)

  3. Cheerriess!!
    One of the most amazing thing nature has created! :P

  4. @Laura, oooh Australia! I'd love to go there but not to check out the cherries. I'd rather go there to check out some cute guys with cute Australian accents. Lmfao. :P

    @Perfectly Imperfect I agree 100% :)

  5. Aha, super funny.
    iBring carrots to school sometimes and you can hear my crunching on them most of the time x P


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