Thursday, January 5, 2012


It just so happened that when I saw this image, I had been very upset. I was whining about how lame and boring my New Year's Eve was. Basically I was angry that I couldn't spend it with my friends while my brother was allowed to. But the moment I saw this picture, I felt like such an unappreciative little brat. How dare I complain about my New Year's Eve? I was with my family and we had more than enough food to eat. Meanwhile, there are people out there struggling to survive. They don't have time to worry about how to celebrate the New Year because they're too worried about when they will get their next meal. So this year, I plan on appreciating my life much more and being thankful for everything that I have. Happy New Year everyone ((I know I'm a little late XP) and I hope this year treats you well! <3


  1. Thanks, Jesayka, I hope the new beginning brings your life to a refreshing new place ^.^

    And you are completely right. Every time I have a horrible day, I just keep reminding myself that there are people out there who has had worse.
    But I've learned over the years that, that's a dangerous way of thinking because when someone gets so used to thinking like that, they start looking for other people who are less fortunate so they can feel better themselves. Like feeding off of other people's misery.

    Don't worry though, because if you keep it at a healthy balance, you won't reach that selfish point. Like your post for example, your thoughts only make you more humble, and you're not just feeding off of the misery around you to feel better about your own situation.

    So yay! ^.^

  2. That's so thoughtful...and incredibly true, we really should cherish every little moment of our life 'cause we don't know how blessed we are and keep these people in our minds.
    Happy new year to you,too! :)
    And thankyou for that very awesome comment! ^_^

  3. Thus is the cruel truth of the world.

    I just followed your blog today. I hope you can follow me too. I'm looking for more people to befriend in blogger. >.<

    Here's my page:

  4. Wise words :)
    Us westerners just take everything for granted, and assume we're entitled to stomp all over the poor, simply because they were poor. It's a never ending cycle of misery, just because they were born into poverty.
    At least some people realize their fortune..

  5. I also have thought about this. It's so sad and then I feel like a brat too... But I promised myself to change things around :)

    Happy New Year to you too :) Hope things are great for you :)

  6. Wow this makes feel guilty for everything I bought over Christmas! I think I'm definitely gonna put my money to better causes during 2012! Sometimes we have no idea how blessed we really are!

  7. This is ad and real ;(.So thoughtful of you to talk about it .

  8. pictures like this one really make one think life through one more time. Stay grateful! :)


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