Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'm falling for you...

There is this guy who is in several of my classes, whose name and face are always on my mind. He has the most beautiful blue-green eyes that I've ever seen and his smile makes me weak in the knees. In two of my classes, he sits far away from me, so we don't really talk. But in Families class, I sit right behind him and he turns around to talk to me a lot. And out of everyone in the whole school, he's the only person I can really be myself with. He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, but best of all, he lets me be me. I can really relate to him and we can just talk forever about everything and nothing. And I really think I'm falling for him. But when we're not in Families class, he ignores me. He acts like I'm invisible. He doesn't say "Hi" or even look at me. It's as if he doesn't know me. But once we're back in Families class, he goes right back to being amazing and talking to me like I'm someone he's interested in. -sigh- Idk. He's giving me mixed signals. I mean, I'm not trying to become his girlfriend after a few weeks of knowing him. No. I just want to be his friend - for now. LOL. But can't he at least acknowledge me in the hallways!? Or in my other classes!! Grrr...


  1. don't take it personally - he's probably totally obliious to the fact that you like him, which can be good and bad! Maybe you should be the one who passes the casual "hello" and perhaps you'll notice a small difference ;)

  2. aww, that is cute :)

    I think you sohuld try one time to say "hello" first and if he answers it should be ok :)

    btw, how are you? Are you having nice time there in Canada? you post so rarely... Hope you're having fun there.



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