Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You make me smile, please stay for a while...

Omg. I can't even express how incredibly amazing I felt last night. -sigh- I still can't even believe that my crush (the one I actually wrote about on my last post) asked me out to go see a movie and have dinner!!! We watched Paranormal Activity 3, but I couldn't really concentrate because all I could think about was him and how I was actually in the movie theaters watching a movie - with HIM. lol. I gotta be honest though, I was pretty scared in some parts of the movie, and I really wanted to just hold on to him like I usually do with my friends while watching a scary movie. BUT, I didn't want to scare him away. What if he got annoyed by that? So I just held on to myself and occasionally covered my eyes. :P So anyways, after the movie we went to this really cute Chinese restaurant just a few blocks away. At first, it was REALLY AWKWARD. I was looking everywhere else but him! Lol. And I could tell he felt awkward too, but thankfully we relaxed a bit and just started talking about random things. Trust me, a stupid little smile was plastered on my face the whole entire time. I don't what it is about him, but he just really makes me bubbly and happy all the time. And then after dinner, we walked to the subway, and he was so sweet. He offered to give me his jacket because he saw how much I was shivering (it was raining and it was freezing!) but I didn't take it because I didn't want him to be cold. :) And so once I finally got home, I just kept replaying and replaying the time we spent together and everything we talked about. -sigh- I am really falling for him. But it's just so confusing, because I still don't know if he thinks of me as more than a friend. Because I'm telling you, MOST of his friends are girls, and he usually hangs out with them after school and they go to movies and stuff, so what if I'm just "one of the girls." And what if I'm nothing more than just a fun girl he likes to hang out with but nothing more? Grrr...why does this have to be so difficult.


  1. aww, I'm so happy for you :) I say just wait a bit. If he considers you more than a friend, he will make a move :) I'm so glad things are good for you :)

  2. I think it's different, he could be interested in you. Just give it time :-) I know exactly how you feel though. That has happened to me plenty of times when I was a bit younger :-P


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