Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

So it's Easter Sunday and I am feeling very guilty. My parents are at work, and I am all alone, but my mom strictly told me to go to church today. She is very religious and usually makes the whole family go to church every weekend. I personally do not like going to church for the following reasons: I do not understand what the pastor is saying because he has the thickest accent known to mankind and because his sermons seriously do not make sense. I also don't like church because I believe that the people who go there are just there to say they go to church and not because they actually want to. I observe them in church and most of them don't even listen to the sermons and some are asleep or texting. Anyways, I didn't go to church today and I feel really horrible. I feel like I've let Jesus down or something, but at the same time, I don't like being at a certain place that I don't like for a whole hour. Am I wrong for not going to church?


  1. Of course not! If you dont like church you dont like church. You can still be faithful to your religion without visiting the house of god every sunday. besides, they do say god is everywhere ;)

  2. My pastor preaches you don't have to go to church to love God, or to have Jesus know you love him. Church is just a place where a man helps you learn about God and for you to be surrounded by people who believe the same way you do (well most of the time). Maybe that church isn't for you, maybe talk to your mom about going to a different church that is more for you.

  3. I feel exactly the same way! It's a horrible feeling! Specially having that feeling during easter, is horrible! Guilt,guilt,guilt ;)


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