Monday, April 25, 2011

What a day!

Spring break officially ended and I had to go to school today -what a bummer. =/ Anyways, I woke up 6 hours earlier than I did during the break, and I was practically sleepwalking my way to school. My classes seemed endless, making it more unbearable than usual. I yearned to be back home lounging on my sofa and watching marathons of America's Next Top Model. Lol. But all my suffering in school doesn't seem to matter anymore because my two favorite people in this world came to visit : my sister and my cute 11 month old nephew. He's the love of my life and his adorable toothless smile is very contagious.


  1. Don't you love it when you're having a crappy day, but you see a kiddo that means a lot to you and they just brighten up your day? Its awesome to have 9 little kiddos in my classroom that can brighten up my day when its a bad one. As well as my little nephew. <3 I hope you're days get a little easier to transition back into school.

  2. Soo cute!! Reminds me of my niese! Adorable!!

  3. he is a cutie pie!:)
    u have a gr8 blog!

  4. Ugh, coming back off breaks is so hard. I always have trouble getting re-motivated.



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