Thursday, April 28, 2011

School Food !!

Have you noticed in movies or shows how they always depict school food as the worst and most inedible food in this planet? Well, unfortunately, they are NOT exaggerating. Some of my friends go hungry on a daily basis simply because the school food is horrible beyond words. And we're not just being picky either. 99% of the food we eat (coffee cake, pizza, french fries, burgers, mac and cheese, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.) are frozen and are heated just a few minutes before lunch time. The one thing that really drives me crazy is the same thing that drove me to write this post. It is the mystery meat that they like to serve us. I am not lying when I say that weekly they serve us this "meat" that looks, tastes, and smells like SPONGE and they just pour some nasty brown sauce all over it. People are always complaining about childhood obesity, but we wouldn't be so obese if they would just serve us some decent food for once. Just looking at the school food makes us want to run to the nearest McDonalds.


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  2. Blaargh!
    Makes me feel so glad I pack my own sandwiches for school.
    Thanks for the comment on my Blog btw:)

  3. hi!thanks for the comment!
    and oh thats sad....never knew the school food was so bad...
    run to the mcdonalds quickly:)


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