Saturday, April 23, 2011

The top 5 most gorgeous guys...

Number 5: Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone is a very talented chef from "down under" and, needless to say, he is very easy on the eyes. His career in the television industry started when he starred in TLC's tv show "Take Home Chef." He would go to a normal grocery store somewhere and surprise some unsuspecting shopper with a once in a lifetime opportunity to take him to her home and have him cook for her husband or boyfriend. The twist is that the boyfriend/husband doesn't know that he's coming home to a tall, muscular, and handsome chef who just spent the entire day with his girl, and now he has to eat Curtis's wonderful creations in front of millions of viewers. But I don't care about all that. His blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and adorable Australian accent is what landed him on my list. <3

Number 4: Leonardo Dicaprio
I fell in love with him the moment I saw him in my absolute favorite movie : Titanic. There's just something about him that always leaves me weak in the knees and begging for more after I watch one of his movies. The best part about him is not just his gorgeous looks, but his amazing ability to take on any roll and make it so believable. I especially liked him in Romeo in Juliet. He's truly one of a kind and I can just sit for hours just watching him on the TV screen. He's more addicting than chocolate fondue. Lol.

Number 3: Jensen Ackles

He plays a character named Dean in the show Supernatural, which I am in love with. Yeah I like all the demon hunting and all the ghost fighting, but that's not what keeps me coming back to watch every episode. I keep watching because of Jensen Ackles and his cute little smirk that is to die for. He also has a deep and manly voice that drives me wild and he has a body that leaves me speechless.

Number 2: Channing Tatum

This guy is just gorgeous from head to toe. His face is flawless, and most importantly, his body is mouthwatering. He was so cute in She's the Man alongside with Amanda Bynes and after watching it, I knew right away I wanted to marry him. Lol. He's the kind of guy who will steal any girl's hearts whether she's 15 or 50. He was especially cute in Dear John because it showed him in a new light: sweet and sensitive instead of just a guy with a hot body.

Number 1: James Franco